15 Years in Tech - Am I a Dev Yet?

15 Years in Tech - Am I a Dev Yet?

In this YouTube video, I share my journey through the world of web development. This video was inspired by another, with a similar recording format, but conveying a different message. My video presents a timeline that captures my distinct and occasionally intricate journey toward becoming a web developer.

Over the past 10 years, I have been building websites, gradually increasing the complexity of the tools and technologies I used. My journey started with Weebly's drag-and-drop platform, followed by WordPress. As I gained more experience, I began coding websites from scratch using HTML and CSS. My extensive background in Photoshop made it easier for me to grasp CSS concepts.

As I continued to develop my skills, I learned Bootstrap, CSS Grid, and CSS Flexbox, which further expanded my web development capabilities. Next, I delved into SCSS/SASS, which I found fascinating as it brought programming capabilities to CSS.

The final stage of my journey involved learning JavaScript, followed by a brief stint with React. However, fate had other plans: I was hired to work with Angular, and I immediately fell in love with the framework.

As I work on various projects, I keep an eye out for new Angular job opportunities that could further challenge and enhance my skills in this area.