Codecademy “Colmar Academy” Workflow – Part 1 Desktop

Codecademy “Colmar Academy” Workflow – Part 1 Desktop

This is the final project for the Codecademy
‘Build a Website with HTML, CSS, and Github Pages’ skill path
and the project is called “Colmar Academy”.

I am setting two goals for myself for this part of the project:

  1. To scale images correctly – so that they don’t transform

  2. To avoid looking up things online – to do everything only using
    what I have learned & what I understand and remember.

I have been provided with all the images and a mock-up design from the course.
I have not been provided with any starting code – not even snippets!
I am building everything by myself – from scratch using HTML & CSS.
My CSS is probably a bit messy because I didn’t look up the most effective methods to do things
– I just tried several things and kept the parts that do what I want.

One more thing to mention – I have only used CSS flexbox for this project ( no CSS grid ). I am building a responsive website and in this video, I am doing the desktop version.