User Search Angular 15 App WorkFlow

User Search Angular 15 App WorkFlow

As a web developer, I've always been inspired by the advice of David Roberts, a tech recruiter and former developer who I follow on LinkedIn. David emphasizes the importance of documenting your journey as a developer, sharing your experiences online and providing evidence of your skills and projects.

While I've always wanted to follow David's advice, I found it challenging to do so while working full-time. I just didn't have the time or energy to consistently share coding posts on social media. However, now that I am between jobs, I finally have the opportunity to take on a project from start to finish and document my journey.

The compact size of this app is the result of taking a segment from a larger and more complex project that I previously worked on as a web developer. I selected this particular segment because it still enabled me to highlight some of the core and crucial techniques commonly utilized in an Angular development environment. By doing so, I was able to showcase my expertise in various technologies and techniques, including:

  • I built my Angular application on Stackblits, utilizing Node.js as the backend, taking advantage of its cloud-based Integrated Development Environment (IDE).

  • I utilized the Angular CLI, a command-line interface tool, and created components, modules, and interfaces with ease.

  • I integrated Angular Material, a UI component library for Angular, by creating a designated material module and importing various components.

  • I styled my app using SCSS, a CSS preprocessor, providing it with a modern and sophisticated look.

  • I captured input values in the app by utilizing [(ngModel)], a feature of Angular that enables two-way data binding.

  • I wrote a search function to make the app functional, allowing users to input a query and retrieve relevant results.

  • Finally, I established communication between child and parent components in my app through Angular's binding and event-emitting capabilities, making it easy for users to interact with the app.

These key technologies and techniques highlight my ability to work with a range of tools and technologies to develop functional and well-designed web applications.



Documenting even such a small portion of a larger app took 2-3 hours of coding and an additional 5 days of editing the videos. Even though I have experience in video production, programming, and being in front of a camera, combining all these skills was still a challenge. But I believe that documenting my entire project, from start to finish, is a more meaningful way to showcase my skills and experiences as a developer, rather than just sharing code snippets that may not have much context.

I recognize that there are many other developers out there sharing code snippets, so I wanted to do something a bit more unique and not contribute to the overwhelming amount of code snippets already available on the internet. Overall, documenting my experience as a web developer has been a rewarding and challenging journey, and I look forward to continuing to share my progress and experiences with others.