What Coding Looks Like – Frontend Programming Magic 8 Ball Part 1

What Coding Looks Like – Frontend Programming Magic 8 Ball Part 1

In this video, I am starting a mini project which is a Magic 8 Ball in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. I begin by tackling the CSS aspect of the project, as I still find it challenging to - record, speak, and code at the same time.

CSS, or Cascading Style Sheets, is a styling language used to enhance the visual appearance of a website or application. It allows developers to separate the presentation of a project from its structure, making it easier to maintain and update.

Despite the challenges, I find working on CSS to be a very enjoyable task. It allows me to be creative and think outside the box when it comes to designing the layout and aesthetics of the Magic 8 Ball. In this video, I'll be showing you how I'm using CSS to create a visually pleasing and interactive design for the Magic 8 Ball.

In a future video, I plan to continue building on this project by adding more functionality to the Magic 8 Ball. I'll be incorporating JavaScript to make the Magic 8 Ball interactive and responsive to user input. This will allow users to ask the Magic 8 Ball questions and receive answers in a fun and interactive way.

Overall, this video serves as a great introduction to the process of creating a website or application using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. I hope you enjoy watching and learning about the different steps involved in building a Magic 8 Ball. Stay tuned for the next video where we will take this project to the next level!