Females on Twitter - Elon Musk meme

Females on Twitter - Elon Musk meme

When Elon Musk’s official account on Twitter tweeted this:

I immediately remembered a meme that I have seen,
but the original was about female accounts on Facebook
and it was featuring Mark Zuckerberg…

Then I thought – you know this can be just as funny & applicable in
a slightly different version that I created…

Around 300 ppl ever saw this image – my memes never go viral,
and maybe it’s because they don’t look patchy enough,
but if it’s a matter of compromising the quality of my creations
for the sake of going viral – I rather pass…

The people that saw it – found it just as amusing as I did ;)

* the number of Twitter accounts that I wrote was a complete and total guess,
I did not go into researching the actual current count.