My Web Development Home Office Desk Setup Progression – 2022

My Web Development Home Office Desk Setup Progression – 2022

In this video, I documented my journey of setting up my home office as a web developer.


I went through several stages - I used a combination of my work laptop and personal desktop setup, utilizing my brother's wider desk. However, I quickly realized that I needed to upgrade my computer and invest in a larger monitor for better visibility.

As my job progressed, I found that I needed more desk space to accommodate my growing setup. I experimented with extending my desk using shelves and even built a DIY table to add more surface area. Eventually, I decided to build my own, all-white corner desk to maximize space and improve my workflow.

Unfortunately, I had to quit my job for those reasons and with that, I had to return my work equipment, but this didn't stop me from continuing my web development journey as I quickly got hired at another place. I invested in a travel laptop for coding on the go and purchased a monitor to use with it. I also experimented with adding a second laptop monitor and another monitor to my setup, but found that it didn't work for me.

Finally, I added a monitor stand with a drawer for added storage and organization and purchased a mechanical keyboard for a more comfortable typing experience. Overall, my home office setup has been a constant work in progress, but it has greatly improved my productivity and enjoyment as a web developer.

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